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I am the Best Immigration Lawyer for you.

1. I know the law

2. I know your facts

3. I write well and convincingly

I know the law: When I began the practice of immigration and nationality law, I found the need to have some familiarity with the law in other practice areas. For example, some knowledge of labor law is necessary in strategizing and preparing employment based petitions and applications. The areas of business, corporations, intellectual property and securities law, are important in working on some business and investor immigration cases. Other areas of law that intersect with your immigration cases are administrative, health care, criminal, forfeiture, tax, international, family and social security. I have, therefore, worked with colleagues in other practice areas to ensure that your case is properly prepared. I familiarize myself with the cases that are relevant to your situation and I am knowledgeable about the weight the judge or the adjudicator will apply to them. There are also policy memorandums and cables issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), that must be taken into consideration, if they are relevant to your situation. I use all of these and other tools and analyze, strategize and present your case in the best possible light. Practicing in the immigration law arena is both interesting and challenging. I look forward to meeting new people, hearing their stories and assisting them in seeking solutions to their immigration issues. I find it immensely gratifying, when I start to research and find something that provides an opening towards solving the particular issue at hand.

I know your facts: There have been many occasions where I have received a call a day or two after a consultation with a client and she says, “There is one thing I didn’t mention.” I am happy that she reflected upon our conversation and recognized that her facts are critical to how her case is evaluated and presented. In my consultation, I usually discuss broad issues that can present challenges, such as the legality of a marriage or the finality of a divorce, the impact of a ticket, an arrest or a conviction. I clarify that I want to know about any ticket, arrest or conviction anywhere in the world. Having a client complete a FBI background check and provide a police report or documentation establishing their lack of or the extent of their criminal history, for each jurisdiction in which they lived, becomes a part of the preparation of the case. Another important aspect that can make or break a case with certain applications, is the character of the client. Does she have established relationships? Who could write a letter on her behalf, what would it say about her moral character, family values or community involvement? I usually ask for a few references and contact them and ask probing questions about how they know the client, how often they have contact with her and the length of the relationship. I also evaluate her English language skills. This is important as certain applications require attainment of a certain level of English language proficiency that would lead to an approvable case or a denial. The latter, with proper planning may be averted. I also search online for information about businesses or schools as a start to verifying a client's business connections and educational credentials. All of this fact gathering and investigation assists me in understanding the case fully and determining the options that are available to the client.

I write well and convincingly: When preparing a brief or other writing on my client’s behalf, I intertwine the clients’ facts with the relevant case law, to provide the reader, whether it is a judge or an immigration or consular officer, with a complete picture of my client. I tell the reader where he is coming from physically, financially and psychologically, where he is today and what his life will be like based upon the decision that is made, whether positive or negative. The reader is human too, so I take that reader into the heart, mind and home of my client, so they can understand him, his life, motivations, hopes and dreams. I can assist you in thoroughly evaluating your case and preparing it with the most persuasive documentation. Call for a consultation to discuss your situation.

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